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Katherine Creamer, Doula

I have been blessed to have worked with and alongside Leonora in several different ways. She has become part of my family and I cannot say enough about the care, compassion, and expertise that she brings with her to each of the births she attends. 

I first met Leonora in 2011 when she helped with postpartum care for my first child. Then again in 2014 she was the midwife for the birth of my second. We all worked so well together, it was as if we had done that labor dance a thousand times as a team. When I carried as a surrogate for friends in 2018, I asked her to be please please please be my doula as I needed her there. Leo brings an invaluable energy with her everywhere she goes. It turned out to be my most challenging labor and absolutely the outcome was as great as it was because she was there by my side. She reminded me of my own power and of choices I knew I wanted to make.

I am also a doula in the greater Austin area and have worked alongside Leonora helping moms actualize their dream birth experiences. She really knows her stuff! I've seen her know when to just keep a watchful eye as moms powerfully move through labor to meet their babies and also flawlessly step in when more support was needed.  I have also witnessed times when births needed to transfer to a hospital for a change in care plans and Leo compassionately explained every step of the process as she made wise medical recommendations for her clients. 

I cannot say enough good things about her, I have so much love and respect for Leo and I highly recommend her as a midwife and in general as a human being. 

Valerie B

I cant say enough spectacular things about Leonora and her role in my VBAC. She was there for me in every way. She knew I had a difficult first birth at the hospital where I ended with an unnecessary surgery. She is full of knowledge, kindness, understanding and is ahead of any issue that may arise. The day I went into labor, she had me come in for fluids so I would not continue vomiting all day. That night I arrived at midnight in full labor. She worked diligently with my body and mind to create the best scenario for the baby to be delivered. She was also 5 months pregnant herself, and still continued all night assisting me. She gave me the courage to stay calm, keep shifting positions and push for 4 hours. My son was a successful VBAC!! No meds, no intervention. Leonora continued taking care of me and the baby while encouraging us to rest and bond for 7 more hours. She fed us and loved us, and I could not have asked for a better outcome. She will take care of you and your sweet babe the entire time. My husband was also given guidance to help me during labor and be a part of the process. That was huge for him to be an active part of labor and delivery. Leonora has you in her loving arms from day 1 of pregnancy to delivery. I would use her in a heartbeat for any birthing services. 

Adrienne and Jeff Bendall

Meg was the compassionate and capable presence we needed during our 2nd and 3rd home births. She was always kind and knowledgeable, and I always felt that she knew how to help us, whatever the question was or what issue that arose. I feel so blessed that my babies were helped into this world by such loving hands. I can’t thank you enough Meg!! For all that you did for us in our most vulnerable days, you truly made all of our lives safer and healthier. 

Haley K.

I was pregnant with my first baby and Leonora Colen was my midwife in 2014. It was a totally new experience for me, so I had a lot of questions. Her care was unparalleled to any health care provider I've ever used. I felt like I could ask her anything without judgment and received totally honest and authentic responses. This was my entire experience up until even after the birth of my son. If you are interested in using a midwife, Leonora should be your number one choice. Have a conversation with her, she is knowledgable and practical and honest. You can tell that right away. 

Cora R.

In 2012, I was new to the birth world and decided against a midwife assisted birth before I had really considered it. At the time, I knew Meg (she is my sister-in-law, afterall!) and loved her work but I didn't think it was for me and I wanted the regular hospital experience, just the basic baby delivery and boy did I get it! I left the hospital with my beautiful baby girl but a long cesarean recovery and dreading the thought of going through that experience again. Meg was an amazing, impartial resource to me during that time of birth discovery/awakening, providing the science and facts of VBAC deliveries but also the emotional care and assurance my body needed. I chose to enrust my care to Meg because of her experience, her strong reputation and her access to a trusted network of medical professionals in Austin. I one-hundred percent attribute her care to my successful VBAC and my shift to believing in the importance of natural birth! She's the midwife you want next to you in the dark hours of labor, when something doesn't go to plan or when you aren't sure you can do it. She's also there for you with her stamina and attention to detail when you've crossed the finish line in the middle of the night and you have post-care that's needed.  When you meet her, you'll see - Meg is legit! She's all business and all heart. She's seen it all, she's unflappable and she is my most trusted advisor for birth and well woman care. I can't recommend her more highly! 

Katie Rech

Leonora helped deliver our son.  It was my first and only birth and I am so fortunate she was there to facilitate what was, for me, a beautiful and magical experience. It was challenging, of course, and I remember hearing her words: “you’re doing so great, mama, you’re so strong.” Those words helped me so much. Leonora’s professionalism and calm, nurturing bedside manner is exactly what I needed. I always felt in control of the situation, and that things were happening on my terms. But when I wanted someone else to take control for a minute—she was there, with confidence. I trusted her completely.


When my son was born, he was placed immediately in my arms. Leonora helped him get a good latch so I could nurse him, and then she took a step back. Nothing was rushed.  The umbilical cord was not cut right away.  My husband and I were able to breath with our new child and truly take in the special moment.  She stepped in when necessary but was aware enough not to interrupt the magic that was happening between papa, mama, and baby.  And when it was finally time to cut the cord, I was ready. I can’t thank her enough for that. Leonora will always remain a very important person in our life.

Meg and Leonora are midwives that I love working with as a doula. I've been working in the Austin birth community for many years, and it has been such a blessing to work with midwives like Meg and Leonora who have such a deep passion for caring for families. With them, you can be confident that you're getting the perfect blend of professional knowledge and skills and a comforting bedside manner. 


Childbirth is such a vulnerable, unpredictable experience, yet with Meg and Leonora by your side, you will feel safe, informed, supported, and empowered. That is how your birth experience is meant to be!

Megan Jezek

 I had the pleasure of having Leo and Meg guide me through my first pregnancy and birth. Every encounter I had with them, my partner and I walked away from feeling confident, encouraged, and heard. Their gentle and laid back nature makes it easy to feel open and at ease when discussing your fears, expectations, and hopes for your birth. During my labor, Meg would make sure I knew I was not alone and gave me many words of gentle encouragement. We were given as much space and quiet as we needed, as well as reassurance with the unknown. When we had moments of fear, we were always met with calm faces and steady hands. My pregnancy and birth experience were some of my life, most precious moments. I was blessed to have such beautiful souls present for them.

Darby Perkins

I am beyond blessed to have had Meg as my Midwife for my first kiddo. She has this calm about her that made my first birthing experience absolutely beautiful. She gave me the confidence I needed to push through in the end and her encouraging smile compares to none. 


I had the pleasure of having Leo as my Midwife for my second. You can feel the comforting and nurturing presence she has the moment she enters the room. My second came much quicker than the first and Leo was there to help guide me in a way that felt so natural and peaceful. 


Two beautiful souls delivering beautiful babies ❤

 Katy Mackey Eddins
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