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As a birth montrice, we can accompany women in labor to help them stay strong and calm during their birth.

  • We will offer suggestions for comfort measures, coping techniques, and a constant presence to help you create a satisfying birth experience.

  • We want to get to know you and your birth companion (s) prenatally, and will continuously support you and your loved ones during the birth of your baby.

  • We will work to provide comfort and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions as issues arise, and make suggestions such as messaging, positioning, and relaxation techniques as required.

  • We draw on my professional training, knowledge and experiences to provide physical, emotional, and information support to birthing people and their partners.



It is very important that you and your partner are comfortable with us and with our role in the birth. Thus, we do expect to meet with clients at least once before labor to become acquainted, to explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns, and to plan how we might best work together. At that time, we can discuss fees. This initial meeting is free and does not obligate you to use my services. If you choose to select us as your montrice, we will want to become more familiar with your plans for labor, birth, and postpartum.



We arrange for 1 prenatal meeting for about 2  hours in length before labor begins, preferably before 37 weeks in your pregnancy. Additional meetings may be arranged if necessary. This meeting gives us a chance to talk in detail about your preferences regarding your birth. In this meeting we will cover:

  • Your personal birth plan or the creation of your birth plan

  • Coping skills

  • How your partner can help you

  • The roles of others who may be attending the birth

  • Fears and Concerns regarding your birth

  • Review wishes for medications and other interventions

Our role is to help you have a satisfying birth as you define it. The more we explore this in advance, the better we will be able to fulfill this role. Our montrice contract will also be signed at this visit.



We are available for phone consultations and email questions in pregnancy, and encourage clients to call with questions or updates. 

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