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This package includes all prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care.

See below for the typical care schedule and what is included:

Lab work and Ultrasounds will be billed to your insurance.

Some medicines will incur a restock fee.

Prenatal Care

We can start your care as soon as you decide you want us to be your midwife! Our prenatal care is personalized for your needs, and we welcome partners and children to participate in all appointments!

Care Schedule

+ 10-32 weeks (every 4 weeks)
+ 32-36 weeks (every 2 weeks)
+ 37-41 (weekly)
+ 41-42 weeks (bi-weekly)


Initial Visit (90 minutes)

+ Review of family, health, and obstetrical history
+ Partial physical exam
+ Obstetrical exam (listening to baby’s heartbeat, and fetal growth check)
+ How to maintain a low risk pregnancy (nutritional and exercise counseling)
+ Initial lab work
+ Review resources


Routine Visit

+ Weight check
+ Fetal growth check
+ Listen to baby’s heartbeat
+ Nutrition and exercise counseling
+ Discuss all questions, or concerns in depth
+ Review labwork & ultrasound results


28 Week Visit

+ All components of routine visit
+ 28 week labs (including gestational diabetes screen)

36 Week Home Visit

+ All components of routine visit
+ Group Beta Strep testing (GBS)
+ Tour of your home + provide birth kit
+ Planning for the big day, review of your birth preferences
+ Set up weekly prenatal visits until birth

Labor + Birth

We come to you when you go into labor! This means you can focus on coping with contractions in your own environment while your midwife sets up for the birth, monitors the birth process, and supports your natural labor. No car rides needed!

+ Physical and emotional support for you and your partner throughout labor
+ Non-disruptive monitoring of you and your baby’s safety
+ Intermittent fetal monitoring to allow you to move freely
+ IV antibiotics available for GBS positive parents
+ Inflatable birth pool for a small rental fee + a sterile liner
+ Immediate skin to skin contact for parents and baby
+ Delayed cord clamping
+ Emergency medications & supplies (some might incur a restocking fee)

Postpartum Care

We stay with you for 4-6 hours after the birth, and continue to care for you and baby for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

+ Routine newborn medications are available with parental consent, (i.e. erythromycin eye ointment, and vitamin K) 
+ Breastfeeding/chestfeeding assistance 
+ Newborn physical exam 
+ 2-3 day home visit & a 2 week home visit.
+ 6 week office visit including Pap Smear as needed

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