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  Have you heard about placenta encapsulation and wondered what it is? Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and encapsulated into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.  It is frequently taken shortly after giving birth, during a woman’s menstrual period, or during menopause.

As encapsulation has not reached the mainstream yet it has not been widely studied. The evidence of its benefits are mainly anecdotal with some exceptions. The benefits of taking it during the postpartum period are thought to be:

  • Increased release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding with the infant

  • Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone

  • Decrease in risk for postpartum mood disorders

  • Restoration of iron levels in the blood

  • Increase in milk production

I have been a midwife for over 10 years. I can tell you anecdotally that having helped thousands of women and having had my own placenta encapsulated for me I have seen and felt great results. I am, admittedly, a placenta enthusiast!

I will process your placenta by steaming it with organic lemon, chili and ginger. (This is thought to make the hormones more bio-available.) It’s then dehydrated, pulverized, and encapsulated. I use amber glass jars to help keep them fresh. 

I have additional add ons available which are beneficial and safe whilst breastfeeding. They are as follows:

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb clinically shown to help reduce stress and regulate cortisol levels, enhance focus and mental stamina, and reduce irritability and stress-related cravings. It’s a potent flowering shrub that is relied upon heavily in Ayurveda to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Balance your mood with organic Tusli, also known as holy leaf or holy basil, this plant is traditionally used in Ayurveda to regulate hormones, uplift spirits, and promote calm. 

Locally grown Lemon balm is said to soothe symptoms of stress, help you to relax, and boost your mood. A 2004 study found that taking lemon balm eased the negative mood effects of laboratory-induced psychological stress. Participants who took lemon balm self-reported an increased sense of calmness and reduced feelings of anxiety. 

Locally sourced Fenugreek which can lower blood sugar levels but more importantly increase milk production

Please reach out to me with any questions or inquiries.






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