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Leonora Colen CPM is now offering post partum doula services!

Services include but are not limited to:


  • Lactation and feeding Support in all forms including weight checks

  • Cooking and Meal Planning with an emphasis on health and healing

  • Recognize and help with navigation of postpartum mood disorders should they arise and help finding resources when needed

  • Support for the entire family’s adjustment including partners, siblings and pets

  • Provide companionship and validation as you find your parenting style and settle into it

  • Model/teach you the basics of caring for your newborn including but not limited to soothing techniques and reading your baby’s cues

  • Laundry!


Services do not include heavy house cleaning or overnight stays


Please reach out to or txt 415.306.1719 for booking or inquiries. ¡Yo hablo español!


Exclusive HBA Patient Pricing is 

$40/hr 4 hr minimum blocks.

$300 for 8 hrs

$450 for 12 hrs. 

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